Egg carton skeleton craft

Last week, I was gathering up egg cartons to take to the co-op and got inspired! You can make a skeleton out of egg cartons!

Corn stalk craft

An easy fall craft that is great scissor practice for little hands.

Make a boredom jar

Want to battle the “I’m bored blues?” Create a boredom jar with ideas your kids can pull from once a day this summer when they need to do something fun.

Give Dad a blue ribbon

Does the Dad in your home have a weakness for soda or popcorn? Let Dad splurge this Father's Day with a gift of his favorite treats.

Create Robots using recycled materials

​Using things you find in your recycling bin and a little elbow grease you can create some pretty cool robots to sit on the shelf

Bird feeder craft

This month we celebrate Earth Day. What better way to do so than by using recycled materials to feed our feathered friends in nature?

Make some cat hats

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, celebrate with these cool cat hats.

Bee mine valentines

Make these cute little valentines with your little one to share with friends and family.