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Published: January 07, 2016

Tissue box snowman

With three small tissue boxes and some crafty odds and ends you and your child can make a cute table top snowman!

Materials needed:

  • 3 small tissue boxes (the squarish kind)
  • 8 black puff balls
  • white card stock
  • cardboard
  • orange paper
  • wide ribbon
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencil

How to make:

  • Trace and cut out three pieces of white card stock to make the front of your snowman (or snowwoman)
  • Using orange paper, (ours just happened to have polka dots) draw on the back and cut out a carrot nose
  • Using cardboard from a cereal box or some other recyclable, draw on the back and cut out two "sticks" for your snowman's arms
  • Glue the white card stock onto the front of each box, being sure to glue the sticks behind the middle box for the arms
  • Glue the black puff balls on the face and body. Glue on your carrot nose. If you plan to use the tissues in the top box, be sure to glue the face right side up :-)
  • Stack and/or glue the boxes and tie your wide ribbon around the neck to give your snowman a scarf

We'd love to see your creation! Post a pick on Instagram and tag us with #HMLCRAFT