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Published: June 05, 2017

The Summer that Didn't Suck Kids Edition

This month we have a featured guest post from my great friend Danielle! Check out her post below and her new blog Stay At Home Gypsy!

Summer vacation is just around the corner for us. I am excited. The kids are definitely excited. But probably for different reasons. I am looking forward to not having so many time obligations. Right now my life is broken up into two and three hours blocks. I’m alway dropping somebody off or picking somebody up. Being a taxi driver is very time consuming. I’m also looking forward to the fact that my kids are old enough to get breakfast for themselves and I can sleep in a little. Okay, maybe not sleep, but at least play dead so I won’t be bothered. The kids are excited because once school is out, it’s on to their much “needed” vacation. I know being a kid is tough. Like really tough. It’s complicated and exhausting and confusing. But, uh, so is being a gown up. Summer vacation doesn’t exist for parents because they still have jobs to go to. My job simply shifts from carpool mom to activities coordinator mom ( minus the awesome cruise ship and tropical paradise). But “NO MORE” I say! Read more...

The Stay at Home Gypsy herself!

Danielle is a wife and a stay at home mom to three rowdy kids and three fur babies. She shares her creative mix of sarcasm and decorator savvy on her blog, Stay at Home Gypsy. The blog is all about her musings on life, family and her hefty Pinterest addiction.