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Published: January 07, 2016

Making vision boards with kids

During the winter break, I got my husband and kids to sit down with me to make vision boards. It was a neat activity and helped us talk with the kids about goal setting. It seemed super appropriate to do just a couple days before the new year. Of course, the crafter in me got a kick of gluing and cutting. Not to mention the awesome HGTV magazines I got to look back through.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a poster with pictures, words, or phrases that reflect things or ideas you want to see lived out in the near future. To get background on vision boards, I downloaded a free eBook, The Complete Guide to Vision Boards, by Christine Kane. It was a quick read with ideas about how to approach making a vision board. The author talked about how you can attract certain things into your life. Kane also explained that while you don’t have to chase after your goals, you do have to DO something in order to reach them. As parents, my husband and I strive to be intentional with our boys. We want them to understand they can set the direction for futures. If you want something, I believe you do have the power to get it. Sometimes we just need to be in the right mind set. Vision boards definitely help with that.

How do you make a vision board?

I bought 3 poster boards from the dollar store and cut each one in half, giving each of us a board to work with. We used old magazines, scrapbook stickers, color pencils, markers, glue and scissors to make our boards. In the ebook, Kane also suggested putting a picture of yourself on your board. I pulled some pics out of box, so they weren't super current. You can always print fresh pics from your phone or wherever.

You might think, "Is my child old enough to get into that?" We have a 10, 9, 5, and 2 year old. Of course the smaller ones think they are the same age as the older ones. Once you get your kids talking, they may surprise you with all the things that interest them. It's a great habit to teach early. Setting goals and working toward them is a skill that will always be useful.

It took about an hour and then we all sat down and let each person present his or her board. The kids had everything from financial goals, to goals on improving habits and behaviors. It was a great exercise. Once everyone had their ideas down, we were able to talk about ways they could achieve goals. We don’t reach our dreams and goals by magic. But spending time thinking about them and putting it down on paper is gives you a jumping off point. So, when opportunities present themselves, we are ready to take advantage of them because we know what we want!

The boards are displayed throughout the house, except for my husband who cut his down and made it portable so he can keep it in his work bag. I have already reminded a couple kids about something they determined they wanted. “Didn’t you say you wanted to have better mornings this year?” They probably think its part of some evil mom plan. I have so many. ;-)

Have you ever made a vision board? We’d love for you to join us in this great activity. Post your pics to Instagram and tag us at #HMLCRAFT so we can see!